Roll the Dice with Yesterland Waltz!

Need Great New TV Content? You Found It!

Are you a TV station owner, operator, or programming director? If yes, please allow us to introduce you to Yesterland Waltz.

Yesterland Waltz is an all-new, hilarious classic TV clip show starring the very funny comedian Justin Michaels. The show is about a young comedian who gets conned into hosting a TV show he hates! The idea is simple — Justin is an aspiring comedian who’s always dreamed of hosting his own late night TV talk show. One day, he believes he’s gotten his big break to do just that when his talent agent signs him to host a show called, “Up Way Too Late with Justin Michaels.” But it turns out his agent is a shyster, and the contract Justin signs is not to host a late night TV show, but to host a classic TV clip show!

Justin finds himself trapped in his contract to host the show and then embarks on a string of hilarious schemes to get out of the contract or to get Yesterland Waltz canceled. Of course, every scheme he cooks up backfires and his situation gets worse and worse!

Eventually, Justin gets so desperate to get himself fired or get Yesterland Waltz canceled, he announces a goal of becoming “The World’s Worst TV Show Host,” starts hosting the show in his bathrobe, and even prints up a line of “Fire Me!” t-shirts that he wears on the air!

Hosted Classic Television

Yesterland Waltz is a riotous take on the classic hosted theater show concept, similar to Elvira, Mistress of the Dark and Mystery Science Theater 3000, except the content being hosted are clips from classic TV shows and movies rather than full feature classic films. All the clips on Yesterland Waltz are from episodes of shows and movies that are very well established to be in the public domain, including clips from The Jack Benny Program, The Red Skelton Show, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, The Colgate Comedy Hour, and many, many more.

Because of the classic TV and movie content, Yesterland Waltz would be a great fit for any station or network that features classic TV!

A Very Funny Guy

Justin Michaels is an extremely funny comedian and television personality with tons of experience on TV, radio, and on stage. The running theme of Yesterland Waltz is that Justin is trapped in a contract to host the show, even though it’s a show he hates. Justin constantly insults the show and refuses to call it by its name, never introduces any of the featured clips, and has a hilariously contentious relationship with the show’s “producer” and the show’s “network executives.”

Justin oozes charisma and has a very relaxed improvisational style. Just watch the trailer and the sample episode and see for yourself!

Popup Trivia

To fully engage the audience, all the featured clips onĀ Yesterland Waltz include popup trivia about the show or movie’s history, the actors, the network the show was on, and when the show originally aired. All the trivia is meticulously researched…and could be worthy of a TV show unto itself! For example, did you know that one of the actresses that appeared in a famous Three Stooges short had a heated feud with Donald Trump? It’s true! Yesterland Waltz is chock full of fun trivia tidbits like this!

Rendered to Your Specifications

Yesterland Waltz was originally shot in 1080p and was edited and rendered with Sony Vegas. That means we can render the show to virtually any specification you require — 1080p, 720p, 480i, 4:3, 16:9, or anything in between! Just name it!

And It’s 100% Free!

We will deliver 13 30 minute episodes to you to air on your station or network in exchange for nothing except some extremely modest in-episode product placement. Why will we deliver it to you for free? Because we’re excited about the first season of Yesterland Waltz and want to forge a long-term, mutually-beneficial relationship with you! We can ship the episodes to you on DVD, Blu-ray, or removable hard drive.

Lots of Promotional Material

Along with the 13-season, we will also deliver tailored 15-second and 30-second TV promos to promote the show on your station. We have a professional voice actor on staff who can voice in the name of your station or network to the promos, too! Plus we’ve also done a complete professional photo shoot and have a highly talented graphic designer to develop content for social media promotion!

See for Yourself!

We invite you to sample the Yesterland Waltz trailer and the pilot episode on YouTube! Just click the links or just scroll down!

Who Are We?

We’re Alaqua Hound Television Productions. Our most recent TV production was New Heights Wrestling, a pro wrestling show with over 80 episodes that aired on AMG TV, the Hot TV network, and multiple Fox affiliates.

Ready to Talk?

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