Watch Yesterland Waltz on Your Roku Player! Here’s How!

Don’t get TUFF TV in your area, but you do have a Roku player? Then guess what? You have TUFF TV!

And it’s free!

That’s right, free. An entire TV network of great TV programming all for free. TUFF TV is Yesterland Waltz’s home network, so to watch Yesterland Waltz, all you need to do is add the TUFF TV channel to your Roku player. It’s super easy. Here’s how:

  1. Fire up your Roku player.
  2. From the main screen, from the navigation on the left, use your Roku remote control to select Streaming Channels and press OK.
  3. Scroll down to the Search Channels option and press OK.
  4. Use the onscreen keyboard to type in TUFF. The channel will appear on the screen as a search result. Use the arrow key to select it and press OK.
  5. Select Add Channel and press OK.
  6. That’s it! The TUFF TV channel is added to your Roku player and you’re ready to watch! Tune in every Thursday at 10PM Eastern to watch Yesterland Waltz!

Now, if you don’t have a Roku player, what on earth are you waiting for?! No kidding, a Roku player is the best thing since the Mr. T Chia Pet!

All kidding aside, the Roku player is one heck of a gadget. It enables to you to stream an unbelievable amount of content and TV channels to your living room TV, free of charge. Plus, if you like to rent movies from Vudu or if you have a Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, HBO Go, or Showtime account, you can watch all that content through a Roku, too.

Roku has the simplest, most user-friendly on the planet. You just plug it in to the your TV through an HDMI port, plug it in to the wall for power, and voila! Watching streaming content couldn’t be any easier.

Plus it’s ridiculously cheap. You can get the Roku Express at Amazon for just $29.99. It comes with a Roku Express player, which is about as big as an Altoids tin, and a remote control.

You can also get the Roku Express  at your local Walmart for the same price. Take a look at the picture.

Why do we want you to buy a Roku player so bad? Because we want you to start watching Yesterland Waltz, that’s why! Come on, what are you waiting for? Grab the car keys, throw on some Crocs, drive down to Walmart and grab yourself a Roku and start watching! You won’t regret it!