Yesterland Waltz Promotional Trailer #1

Below is the first promotional trailer for Yesterland Waltz.

Yesterland Waltz is the all-new, hilarious classic TV clip show hosted by the incomparable Justin Michaels.

Yesterland Waltz is a riotous take on the traditional hosted classic TV shows like Elvira, Mistress of the Dark and Mystery Science Theater 3000. Yesterland Waltz features clips from classic TV shows, vintage movies, and black-and-white comedy shorts, making it a great fit for any TV station or network that airs classic or throwback TV. Everything appearing on Yesterland Waltz is well-established to be in the public domain.

We have a professional voice-over actor on staff who voices all our promotional materials like this trailer. We can customize the trailer to include a callout to the station or network hosting the show, as in, “Watch Yesterland Waltz, right here on WABC channel 7!”

We invite you to take a look: